Medical Equipment

A message from the President

The aforementioned development, simultaneous and balanced in all sectors of our activity, was realized with thorough and prudent “steps”, with prevalent axis, the customer’s satisfaction according to the “absolute” fulfillment of their needs.

Always harmonized with the maxim “no to medical super market”, we followed a path of “absolute specialization” in our sectors of activity, offering complete solutions to our customers, covering satisfactory the demands of the market in these sectors and offering medical equipment of ultimate technology.

Furthermore, since we do not believe that the relation between our company and our “customer” stops in the “process of sale”, we developed the department of Technical Support & After Sale Service , which nowadays covers almost 40% of our company’s human resources and became the “spinal column” of our corporate activity, covering the bigger part of the “customer’s satisfaction” process.

All of us, in “AP. G. PAPOUDIS & SON SA”, share the same “vision” of continues growth and expansion of our company, based on the “family structure”, as it had been initially created, allowing us to have the “prompt” and “personal” relation with the customer, his needs and his problems, in an absolutely “modern frame” of “team group” creation with high education and training, as well as continues education, seeking the persistent improvement in such a sensitive and continuously developing sector that we operate in.

George Papoudis

Chairman & CEO


Medical equipment


Tel: +30.2310245421

3 Panagias Dexias str.


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