Our future is in our commitment to our values and goals.

  • Our Vision is to make a positive difference and provide fully supported, comprehensive, factual and reliable solutions in the health sector.
  • Our mission is to always be the most reliable partner in providing innovative ergonomic state-of-the-art systems and providing relevant services.
  • Our goal is the complete and comprehensive coverage of the increasingly growing demand for modern medical equipment in the private and public sectors.

Our principles:

  • Provide a wide range of products having excellent expertise in order to cover as many needs of the medical field as possible.
  • Listen carefully and constantly learning about the new requirements and market developments. We are focused to give solutions.
  • We rely on data and planning strategies that lead us to build trusted and successful cooperation both with our customers and with our suppliers.
  • We train and support our people to develop a personal and professional level.
  • We operate with integrity and professional responsibility by supporting long-term healthy relationships with our partners.
  • We create a supportive medical environment for improving human health and quality of life.

The Human Resources of AP. G. PAPOUDIS & SON SA are composed of Dynamic and Experienced people.

With attributes, like long experience, "know-how", high level of skill, responsibility, commitment to the goals, with vision and prospective, all the people of our company mark the successful course of the company on a daily basis.



Two separate teams of technicians, in Thessaloniki (Northern Region) and Athens (South Mainland & Islands Regions), are responsible for covering the extremely important and sensitive field of Technical Support.