Technical Support

The technical service department consists of two groups of biomedical engineers in Athens and Thessaloniki, in order to ensure the immediate interference to the customers and they are in charge of the extremely critical and important task of the technical support of their medical equipment.

All the engineers of our company are well trained with high academic education, and they are officially certified and authorized by all the manufacturers that we represent, participating in all the training seminars without exception with the aim of their continuous progress and their further development which contributes to the intervention and rehabilitation of any technical problem.

Particular emphasis is given to the periodic maintenance of equipment as defined by the manufacturers, while following the data of international rules and guidelines on the "safe operation" of medical devices, harmonized with the rules are set by quality assurance system ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, with which our company is certified.

All the above are achieved with the use of completely modern and reliable technical instruments for measurements and regulations with which all the engineers are provided.

The Human Resources of AP. G. PAPOUDIS & SON SA are composed of Dynamic and Experienced people.

With attributes, like long experience, "know-how", high level of skill, responsibility, commitment to the goals, with vision and prospective, all the people of our company mark the successful course of the company on a daily basis.



Our company in collaboration with a certified laboratory which authorized to repair ultrasound probes (standard 2D probes Convex, Linear, Phased Array, Intra-Cellular, 3D / 4D, TEE Esophageal Disorders) regardless of the type and the manufacturer.

The estimated cost of the repair will be with NO COST by experienced, properly trained technical staff, based on all the certifications provided by the European and Greek Legislation for the management and technical support of Medical Technological Equipment.

Each probe will be first disinfected at a high level and then will be checked using a specialized workstation.

The total duration of the inspection of the probe, including its transfer to the certified laboratory abroad, will not exceed 5 days, after which we will send you our financial offer accompanied by a full detailed report on the check and their results.

Throughout the inspection of the inspection and repair of the defective probe, it is possible to provide you with a completely FREE replacement probe.

Each repair will be accompanied by a six (6) month warranty.

Finally, it is worth noting that you will not be charged for the cost of shipping.

In the event that your ultrasound probe presents a problem, please contact us to immediately ensure the availability of a replacement head and to receive your head for inspection and repair.